Jiayuan Zhang

Hello, my name is Jiayuan Zhang (张佳圆). I'm a Web Backend Developer for Qixiu Edge team at iQiyi Inc. My development interests focus on Web, Python and JavaScript. I also use elisp and Rust.

I am an Emacs user. I use Doom Emacs to write code and manage my tasks.

I also use PyCharm with Spacemacs key bindings. You can find my IdeaVim config here: intelli-space

You can find me at:

Blog | Zhihu | GitHub | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | forrestchang7@gmail.com


- The Past and Future of Python GIL, PyCon China 2019, Shanghai, China, 2019.09, slide.

- 拒绝拖延,从现在开始管理你的时间, iQiyi Inc, Shanghai, China, 2019.06.

- How to Build a Web Framework from Scratch, CSDN Python Developer's Day, Beijing, China, 2019.04, video, slide.

- Type Hints Best Practice, PyCon China 2018, Shanghai, China, 2018.10, link.

- 提高对接效率的跨平台先知云测系统, iQiyi Inc, Shanghai, China, 2018.05.

Open Source Projects

- alfred-workflows: A collection of personal using alfred workflows.

- Cuckoo: A light theme for Mweb markdown editor.

- Viserion: A wsgi web framework.

- Schemy: The (almost) complete implementation of Scheme interpreter.

- Neutron: An intelligent personal assistant built on Raspberry Pi, as an inexpensive solution for home automation.


I write articles about programming and productivity. You can find my writings in Blog.

Some featured articles:

- 用 OmniFocus 3 完成了上千个任务后,我总结出了这些经验, 2018

- 时间记录不完全指北 -- Toggl 使用指南 , 2018


- Microsoft Connections of the World award, Hackathon of Fudan University, 2016.10.